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The Travel Makers as an Individual or a Company

Last 17 years, thanks to our high standards, our quality and innovation, The Travel Makers have earned themselves a reputation as one of the Indian Holidays specialists.
By focusing on the world of travel and dedicating their know-how to prepare, design and shape travels, The Travel Makers have become one the undisputed leaders for Indian destinations and have been able to develop stage by stage their areas of expertise.

Now, whether you come to The Travel Makers as an Individual or a Company, we will know how to meet your specific needs.


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Governmentally recognized by Department of Tourism and a member of IATO [Indian Association of Tour Operators], with offices in Mumbai, Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer & Udaipur. The Travel Makers is the obvious choice of visitors coming to India in particular with their combined trips, in accompanied and themed tours as well as in desert safaris, beach tours & adventure tours.
Our areas of expertise extend from the reservation of holiday services to business travel, to the reception facilities for individuals and companies via the custom made, group trips and the organization of convention and seminars.
The quality brand The Travel Makers is compelling whether for Tourism or Business Tourism.